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The 2002 MNRPCV Geography Quiz is now online!

Put on your thinking caps, and dig in to:

The Great Geography Genius Quiz
2002 Edition
Brought to you by the Minnesota Returned Peace Corps Volunteers

1. GMT and CST: How wide (in degrees of longitude) is each time zone? (5 pts.)

2. Primary Colors: The color combination of red, white, and blue on national flags seems to be the most popular, with more than 10% of the world’s nations choosing flags composed entirely of these three colors. Name two countries on each continent whose national flags contain all the colors red and white and blue – and only red, white, and blue. (2 pts. each)

North America ___________ ____________________

South America ___________ (one only)

Europe _________________ ____________________

Africa __________________ (one only)

Asia ___________________ ___________________

Oceania ________________ ____________________

3. United but not Union: The European Free Trade Association (EFTA) has four member nations, none of which are members of the European Union (EU). Name the four EFTA members. (2 pts. each)

__________________ _________________

__________________ _________________

4. Great Names of the Past: Match the ancient city or civilization listed on the left with the modern nation-state on the right that has jurisdiction over the location. (2 pts. each)

Angkor Cambodia
Anuradhapura China
Carthage Iran
Changan Mexico
Inca Niger
Kush Pakistan
Mohenjo Daro Peru
Teotihuacan Sri Lanka
Troy Sudan

5. Below Zero: The capital city of which of the following equatorial nations where Peace Corps Volunteers have served lies farthest south? (5 pts.)






6. At the Crest: If you could stand on the Walvis Ridge, the Carlsberg Ridge, the Nazca Ridge, or the Reykjanes Ridge, where would you be? (5 pts.)


Ice Cap



7. Slaking Your Thirst: Inside the borders of which country lie one of the top three largest lakes in the world and one of the top three longest river systems in the world? The lake and river system in question may or may not also lie inside one or more other countries. (5 pts.)

Bolivia Russia
Brazil Rwanda
Canada Uganda
Kazakhstan United States

8. State-less Languages: Name the language with a substantial number of native speakers in each of the three countries listed. Each language has at least 10 million speakers total. (3 pts. each)

Iran/Iraq/Turkey ___________________

Andorra/France/Spain ___________________

Cameroon/Niger/Nigeria ___________________

Afghanistan/Iran/Pakistan ___________________

Malawi/Zambia/Zimbabwe ___________________


9. How many letters in the alphabet are not the first letter of the official name of any of the UN member nations? (5 pts.) ________

10. How many independent states (countries) belong to the UN? Credit given for being within 10 of the actual number (5 pts.) ________

BONUS: Name the two countries admitted to the UN in 2002 (5 pts. if both correct)

___________________ ___________________


11. Honored Animals: Identify the states with the following fauna-related nicknames. (2 pts. each):
Badger State ___________________

Beaver State ___________________

Beehive State ___________________

Coyote State ___________________

Gopher State ___________________

Hawkeye State ___________________

Pelican State ___________________

Razorback State ___________________

Wolverine State ___________________

12. Engineering Achievements: Which state has (3 pts. each) …

the two longest land vehicular tunnels ___________________

the two longest underwater vehicular tunnels ___________________

13. Think Big: True or False? If Alaska were split into two states of equal area, California would then become the third largest state. (2 pts.)

14. Outlying Areas: The U.S. territory includes several areas that are not states. The smallest islands are directly administered by the Dept. of Defense or Interior, but the five largest territories–all of them islands or island groups–each has some form of local government, and four have delegates in the U.S. House. Name the five large such territories (2 pts. each):
Hint: two are in the Caribbean, three are in the Pacific

_______________________ _______________________ _______________________
_______________________ _______________________

(3 pts. each)
a. What is the name of the galaxy we live in? _______________________

b. What is the name of the nearest major galaxy? _______________________

16. Which word means "the point in an orbit farthest from the Sun"? (3 pts.)





Answers are coming up – don't go there until you just can't stand it any more...

2002 MNRPCV Geography Genius Quiz – Answers

1. 15 degrees

2. NA: Cuba, Panama, US
SA: Chile
EU: Czech Rep., France, Iceland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Russia, Slovakia, U.K., Yugolsavia
AF: Liberia
AS: Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar (Burma), Nepal, North Korea, Taiwan, Thailand
OC: Australia, New Zealand, Western Samoa

3. EFTA: The Republic of Iceland, The Principality of Liechtenstein, The Kingdom of Norway, and The Swiss Confederation (Switzerland)

4. Angkor – Cambodia
Anuradhapura – Sri Lanka
Carthage – Tunisia
Changan – China
Inca – Peru
Kush – Sudan
Mohenjo Daro – Pakistan
Teotihuacan –Mexico
Troy – Turkey

5. Indonesia; Jakarta is further south than Bogota, Quito, Libreville, or Nairobi

6. Ocean. Walvis is in South Atlantic, Carlsberg in Indian, Nazca in South Pacific, and Reykjanes in North Atlantic

7. Uganda, with #1 river Nile and #3 lake Victoria. Russia has #5, 6, 10 R. (Yenisey-Angara, Ob-Irtysh, Lena) and #1 and #7 L. (Caspian, Baikal); U.S has #4 R. (Mississippi-Missouri) and #2, 4, 5 L. (Superior, Huron, Michigan); Brazil has #2 R. (Amazon) but no large lakes; China has #3, 7 R. (Chang Jiang/Yangtze, Huang/Yellow) but no large lakes

8. State-less languages:
Kurdish 11+ million; Catalan 10+; Hausa 40+; Pashtu 19+; Nyanja 10+

9. Two, W and X

b 191 is actual (credit for any answer 181-201)

BONUS: Switzerland, Timor-Leste

11. Badger State Wisconsin
Beaver State Oregon
Beehive State Utah
Coyote State South Dakota
Gopher State Minnesota
Hawkeye State Iowa
Pelican State Louisiana
Razorback State Arkansas
Wolverine State Michigan

12. Colorado has two longest land tunnels, both on Interstate 70
New York has two longest underwater, the Brooklyn-Battery and the Holland

13. False. Texas, now the 2nd largest state, would become 3rd. Alaska is more than twice the size of Texas.

14. In the Caribbean: Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands (St. John, St. Croix, St. Thomas)
In the Pacific: American Samoa, Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, Guam

15. a. Milky Way b. Andromeda

16. aphelion

Total possible points: 141
High score by a group ("Kara’s Team") at the MNRPCV Holiday Party on 7 Dec 2002: 107

(Questions 3, 5, 7, 12 were edited slightly from their original form for clarity sake.)

Questions may be directed to JohnNania@aol.com


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