Prepared by: Christi Williams, Carri Anderson, and Miriam Krause


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Welcome to the Annual MNRPCV Geography Quiz! Big thanks go to John Nania and Andy Caranicas for establishing this tradition of brain-stretching on a geography theme. We hope you enjoy this year’s installment!


This year’s quiz is organized by continent. Total points possible: 100 (plus bonus points)

            Africa/Middle East --- page 1

            Antarctica ------------- page 2

            Asia/Pacific ----------- page 2

            Australia --------------- page 3

            South America -------- page 3

Europe ------------------page 4

            North America -------- page 5

            Blue Marble ----------- page 6


AFRICA/MIDDLE EAST  (6 points possible)


1. What new Peace Corps country speaks Amharic? (1pt)



2. What country, which had been scheduled to chair the African Union beginning in 2007, had their bid rejected? (2pts)



3. In what country is the Olduvai Gorge located? (1pt)



4. Why is the Red Sea red? (1pt)

            A. the reflection of sunrise/sunset at certain times of year

            B. a particular type of algae

            C. the high iron content of the water

            D. a mistaken translation of “Sea of Reeds


ANTARCTICA  (4 points possible)


5. According to knowledgenetwork.co.za, how many tourists have been to Antarctica since 1969?

(2 pts)

            A. 300

            B. 3,000

            C. 30,000

            D. 300,000



6. Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of Antarctica? (2 pts)

            A. desert

            B. highest average elevation

            C. a province of Denmark

            D. lowest average temperature

E. penguins love it



ASIA/PACIFIC  (5 points possible)


7. True or False: In 2006, the capital of Burma changed its name to accommodate an astrologer’s recommendation? (1 pt, plus 1 each for naming the old and new capitals)






8. What do Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and India have in common? (1 pt)

            A. Largest number of casualties due to the 2005 tsunami

            B. Largest Muslim populations in the Asia-Pacific region

            C. Largest global exporters of rice

            D. Lowest per capita murder rate in the Asia-Pacific region

            E. Largest aid to the 2005 Pakistan Earthquake relief effort from the Asia-Pacific region



9. After China and Japan, what country has the largest Buddhist population? (2 pts)

            A. India

            B. U.S.

            C. Burma

            D. Thailand

            E. None of the above

AUSTRALIA  (4 points possible + extra credit points)


10. What percentage of the Australian population lives within 25 miles of the coast? (1 pt)

            A. 10%

            B. 40%

            C. 80%

            D. 99%



11. Approximately how many languages were spoken in Australia before Europeans arrived? (1 pt)

            A. 10

            B. 50

            C. 100

            D. 250



12. How many states are there in Australia (territories not included)? (2 pts, plus 1 pt extra credit for each state named)




SOUTH AMERICA  (8 points possible)


13. List five of the seven countries that the Andes run through. (5 pts)





14. Which of the following is NOT an official language for a country in South America? (2 pts)

            A. Portuguese

            B. Guarani

            C. Filipino

            D. Dutch



15. In which South American country has Peace Corps had the most consistent presence since 1962? (1 pt)


            A. Ecuador

            B. Peru

            C. Bolivia

            D. Suriname




EUROPE    (25 points possible)


16. Name the numbered countries on the corresponding lines below (25pts).









21. ____________________

22. ____________________

23. ____________________

24. ____________________

25. ____________________



11. ____________________

12. ____________________

13. ____________________

14. ____________________

15. ____________________

16. ____________________

17. ____________________

18. ____________________

19. ____________________

20. ____________________


1. ______________________

2. ______________________

3. ______________________

4. ______________________

5. ______________________

6. ______________________

7. ______________________

8. ______________________

9. ______________________

10. _____________________

NORTH AMERICA  (24 points possible)


17. What U.S. state is surrounded by Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, and Mississippi? (1pt)



18. Circle the letter of the list with the top five apple-producing countries, according to the USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service: (2 pts)

            A. Canada., Russia, Mexico, Indonesia, and Australia

            B. China, U.S., Turkey, Poland, and Italy

            C. China, Ukraine, South Africa, U.S., and Finland

            D. South Korea, New Zealand, Ukraine, U.S., and Mexico


19. What year did Peace Corps begin its program in Mexico? (1 pt)


20. How many provinces are there in Canada (not including territories)? (1 pt, plus 1 bonus point for each province named)




21. Refugees from many countries recognize that Minnesota is the ideal place to resettle. Rank the following countries in order of number of refugees (1-3, highest to lowest) arriving in Minnesota in 2006 (according to MN Dept of Health). (3 pts)





22. Match the following crops with the states that are their primary producers:

            _____ soybeans                                               A. Texas

            _____ peanuts                                                 B. North Carolina

            _____ tobacco                                                 C. Georgia

            _____ rice                                                       D. Arkansas

            _____ cotton                                                   E. Iowa



23. What percentage of Minnesota’s population were immigrants in 1900 and 2000, respectively (according to mplsfoundation.org)? (2 pts)

            A. 15.2% and 17.9%

            B. 29% and 5.3%

            C. 5.3% and 29%

            D. 80% and 11.4%


24. What Canadian river flows from Lake Superior through the Great Lakes and on to the Atlantic Ocean? (1 pt) 




BLUE MARBLE:  (24 points possible + 2 bonus points possible)


25. Name the following: (5pts)

            President of Argentina (Dec 10, 2007):

            Chancellor of Germany:

            President of Chile:

            President of the Philippines:

            President of Liberia:

26. What Nobel Laureate said, “It is not power that corrupts but fear. Fear of losing power corrupts those who wield it and fear of the scourge of power corrupts those who are subject to it.”? (2 pts)


            A. Aung San Suu Kyi

            B. Sao Shwe Thaik

            C. Mahatma Ghandi

            D. Benazir Bhutto

            E. Franklin D. Roosevelt



27. Which of the following is NOT at about 45 degrees north latitude? (1 pt)


A.    Milan

B.     Caspian Sea

C.     Warsaw

D.    Gobi Desert

E.     Minneapolis

28. Name the country for each flag. (16 pts)




Bonus questions (1 pt each):


Which of the countries above is represented by a flag that contains symbols for the Independence Movement, the purity of the Catholic faith, and the blood of the National Heroes?



Which of the flags above includes the phrase “Order and Progress” (though not in English)?