MNRPCV Board of Directors

MNRPCV elects a Board of Directors every year as required by our Bylaws.  We hold Board elections in August or September at our Annual Meeting and Picnic. The 10-20 Board Members serve from the time of their election to the Annual Meeting the following year. The election of officers and assignment of committee s take place at the first Board Meeting following the Anal Meeting.  Registered Members may attend Board meetings at the invitation of a Board Member.  For general questions about MNRPCV, email To review the MNRPCV Bylaws, CLICK HERE.

2015 – 2016 MNRPCV Board of Directors

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PRESIDENT  Patrick Smith: Ukraine 2009-11

VICE PRESIDENT  Anna Katherine Rodenborg Baker: Costa Rica 2010-13

SECRETARY  Jane Bardon: Turkmenistan 2003-05

TREASURER   Wendy Assal: Ukraine 2001-03


Advocacy   Jack Bardon: Turkmenistan 2003-05

Communications  Anna Katherine Baker, Jane Bardon, Simone LaBonte: Panama 2011-14, Patrick Smith

MNRPCV NEWS Editor   Anna Katherine Baker

Community Service  Sheila Collins: Chile 1980-1982, Michelle Short: Zambia 2006-2008,      Liberia 2011

Connections   Rhoda Brooks: Ecuador 1962-1964, Chile CD 1980-1982

Fundraising/Calendar Sales  Anita Root: Thailand 2010-12

Membership  Simone LaBonte, Wendy Assal

Social Team   Gretchen Garmin: Malawi 2003-2005, Anna Katherine Baker, Jack Bardon

MNRPCV Archives   Jane Bardon

Fundraiser Dinners Christi Williams: Poland 1996-1998
Webmaster – John Malone: Samoa 2003-05


MNRPCV Board  Job Descriptions

Please click here for a summary of board job descriptions.