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MNRPCV Connections

What is your connection to Peace Corps?

Did you?

  • Just finish your Peace Corps service and are returning to America (or are moving to MN), and possibly are looking for a job, a place to live or just someone to talk with who has been through the re-entry process and perhaps had similar experiences?
  • Send your child (or your parent!) off to another country and want to talk with someone about the experience?
  • Apply for Peace Corps – are getting tired of waiting and would like some support?
  • Receive an invitation and would like to talk with someone who served in that country?
  • Or, do you want to help others with their Peace Corps experience?


We can help you connect – contact: connections@mnrpcv.org

 To learn more about how MNRPCV can help YOU,   CLICK HERE

 To volunteer to be a mentor to newly returned RPCVs,   CLICK HERE