What is your connection to Peace Corps?

Did you?:
Just finish your service and are returning to America (or move to MN)?
Send your child off to another country and want to talk with someone about the experience?
Apply for Peace Corps – are getting tired of waiting and would like some support?
Receive an invitation and would like to talk with someone who served in that country?

Answer “yes” to any of the above questions?

Here are some of the things we do to connect you:

Welcome-home Gatherings:
• Have you checked out our Calendar for events and activities? All activities are open to RPCVs and their families/friends. Newbies welcome!
• Don’t want to go alone, email us and we’ll connect you with someone in advance who is attending.

Mentors/Sponsors to meet with for coffee/lunch periodically:
• Hankering to find someone to listen to your PC stories?
• Starting to pack for PC and want to talk with a returned Peace Corps Volunteer for help with your (mental and literal) packing?
• Would you like to meet another parent?
• Interested in networking?
• Thirsty for some tips on local watering holes?
• Looking for a biking buddy?
• Lacking some help for your resume?
• Wanting to get beyond “Minnesota Nice”?

Are any of these options up your alley? Email outreach@mnrpcv.org to be connected with fellow RPCVs.

The MNRPCV-Connections Team puts on a semi-annual interactive workshop(s) to build your job searching skills. Together we polish your resume, practice interviewing and share feedback on how to pitch your skills and experience in a way that engages interviewers’. JobShop is hosted by HR professionals with extensive experience interviewing and selecting people for their jobs. Watch the newsletter and list serve for the next event.

For questions please email: connections@mnrpcv.org