Check out what some Minnesota PCVs are up to in Asia:

Peggy Reinhart
TEFL Peace Corps Volunteer
Masalli, Azerbaijan
I began serving in the Peace Corps in Azerbaijan after retiring from General Mills in July of 2010. I remember the call to service by JFK but other life events kept me from joining until now. I am originally from Fond du Lac, WI and graduated from the College of St. Teresa in Winona. I also earned an MPH – Nutrition degree from the University of MN. Although my education and experience is in public health nutrition, I accepted the PC request for Teachers of English as a Foreign Language in Azerbaijan.

I have a son Anton who resides in my Minneapolis condo while I am in Azerbaijan. I chat almost weekly via Google with him and with my 97 year old mother in Fond du Lac. A friend prints and mails my emails to her and she reads them to the other residents in her senior apartment building. That way she is helping with the PC’s third goal. I also write a monthly column on my PC experience for The Wedge newspaper and

How many times do I wonder if I could have been an early PCV? Here, I have internet in my house – although I don’t always have electricity! I also have cows and chickens in my yard plus blooming rose bushes. Inspired to Retire is my blog.