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Service Passport Winners

2012 MNRPCV Service Passport

In MNRPCV’s 2012 reprisal of the PC50 Service Passport, members celebrated 51 years of Peace Corps by log-ging at least 51 hours of community service into the PC51 Service Passport. Completed Passports were en-tered in a drawing at the MNRPCV Annual meeting in September. Each of the three winners designated a humanitarian organization to receive a $100 donation from MNRPCV. This year’s Service Passport winners and their chosen organizations are below. We thank them for their ongoing service!

Dan Kane (Moldova 2005-06)

          Families of Russian and Ukrainian Adoptions (FRUA)

Hank Scheinost (Eastern Caribbean deputy director 1967-1970, St. Lucia PCV 1963-65)

          Compatible Technology International

Jack Bardon (Turkmenistan 2003-05)

          Walker Art Center Tour Bus Fund

 2011 PC-50 Service Passport Program

MNRPCV‘s creative Community Service Co-chairs initiated a special service project in recognition of the 50th Anniversary of the Peace Corps. MNRPCV Members and friends were challenged to perform 50 hours of community service and to record it in a special blue PC-50 Service Passport. The service could take place anytime from January 1.2011 to September 11, 2011 when all Passports were to be collected for a drawing to choose ten winners who would each get $50 for the humanitarian cause of their choice. Here are the PC-50 Service Passport winners and the causes they designated to receive the $50 awards. Congratulations to all.

Jack Bardon (Turkmenistan 2003-05) –  Walker Art Center Tour Bus Fun 

“The money will be used to provide bus transportation for school children to Walker Art Center so that they can attend the special guided tours as part of their school program.’’

Dan Kane (Moldova 2005-06) –  Families for Russian and Ukrainian Adoption

“Among their projects are supports for needed equipment like: furnace, natural gas and its piping, an oven, refrigerator, dishes, and similar. They also have provided high quality large playgrounds.”

Rachel Evenson (Bulgaria 2000-02) –  Children’s Law Center of Minnesota

“Since 1995 Children’s Law Center (CLC) has provided free legal services to Minnesota youth in foster care.  With the help of 250 volunteer attorneys, CLC provides these professional legal services to approximately 400 Minnesota foster children every year.  CLC is Minnesota’s only privately funded organization that exclusively represents foster youth. Children have the right to have quality representation, and to have a voice when judges and court workers are making decisions about their lives.”

Hank Scheinhost (Eastern Caribbean 1963-65) –   Haiti Outreach

“Haiti Outreach builds wells in cooperation with communities in Haiti, They also make small business loans to the people. There are many other services that they provide. I have visited the program in Haiti and was impressed as they don’t just do things or give things or money but they require input and commitment from the people or communities they work with.”

Mike MacDonald (Mali 2003-04) – Compatible Technology International (CTI)

“CTI has spent the past 30 years helping impoverished communities increase their supply of quality food by providing tools that help farmers efficiently store, process and sell their crops.We’ve designed tools to prevent the staggering post-harvest losses that occur in developing countries–where farmers lose 15-50% of their crops, often due to spoilage and inefficient processing methods”.