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Peace Corps Storytelling Exhibition

By Dan Grundtner, RPCV Jamaica 1985-87, MNRPCV Toastmasters 2000 to present

 Storytelling Exhibition at the Third Goal Expo: Building Global Communities, July 1

Come join our storytelling event at the Third Goal Expo!

Sunday, July 1

2:00 – 5:00 pm (storytelling from 3:30 – 5:00 pm)

Minneapolis Convention Center, 1301 Second Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN

What is a Storytelling Exhibition?

A Storytelling Exhibition is an event where people gather and share their favorite/most interesting stories that are themed on a singular topic.

Why should I participate?

Many reasons: Third Goal!  Share your story with people who really want to hear it!  It’s a lot of fun! You have great stories!

What kind of story should I tell?

We all have great survivor stories from service, but since this is an event aimed at demonstrating to educators what can be used in the classroom and recruiting new volunteers one thing we are NOT attempting is to one-up each other with harrowing tales of Peace Corps latrines, travel incidents, sketchy border crossings, etc…

Instead we are looking for inspirational stories.

What is the theme?

The stories theme is “Life-Lessons” meaning that we are looking for stories that have a motto of some sort; ideally the story would contain a lesson that you learned about yourself, the village, the world.

How long can I take to tell my story?

Each story will be limited to 5 minutes. Storytellers will NOT be allowed to continue the story past the 5 minute mark. We recommend that you practice your story so that it is under 5 minutes.

When will I tell the story?

The storytelling competition will be held at the Minneapolis Convention Center from 3:30pm-5pm.

I have a PowerPoint…

Unfortunately there will be no equipment set-up for a PowerPoint presentation, the idea of storytelling is to gain the audience’s attention and keep it focused on your story without the aid of photos or slides.

How do I get involved?

Register at http://bit.ly/MinneapolisExpo

Please register stories with a small summary before Friday, June 29, 2012.  We can accommodate a few stories the day of the event as time allows.