Third Goal

The Third Goal of Peace Corps is to help promote a better understanding of other peoples on the part of Americans. MNRPCV offers opportunities to both speak about Peace Corps and to improve your speaking skills. MNRPCV offers three Third Goal options:

The MNRPCV Speakers’ Bureau helps connect community organizations with speakers interested in sharing their Peace Corps experiences. Speakers share information about their experiences in host countries, including topics such as geography, culture, gender, how to become a volunteer, program-specific activities, and more. If you are interested in having a speaker come to your school or organization, CLICK HERE

Peace Corps Recruiting Events offer an opportunity to RPCVs to tell the story of their Peace Corps experiences to people considering joing the Peace Corps. It is important to potential PCVs to hear about Peace Corps from a local RPCVs and to ask them questions about eace Corps  service. 

To learn more about planned recruiting events,  CLICK HERE.

There are three Peace Corps Recruiters in Minnesota

           Marianne Midwinter - Twin Cities Area

           Janice McInerney   -  Twin Cities plus Gustavus Adolphus, MSU Mankato, MSU,  St. Cloud, St Ben’s/St John’s,  UMD, UW Eau Claire, UW  River Falls, and UW Stout

           Tysen Dauer  -  University of Minnesota

The MNRPCV Toastmasters group offers regular training and practice in developing  and improving public speaking for both RPCVs and others in the community. To learn more about MNRPCV Toastmasters,  CLICK HERE