Support Minnesota PCVs

MNRPCV offers grants to PCVs and RPCVs in the spring of the year.  Go to “Resources” and then to the pull-down menu “Small Grants.”  To contribute to the MNRPCV Grant Program, click on “DONATE” at the bottom of the left sidebar on this page.

Peace Corps Partnership Program

Grants are also offered by the Peace Corps Partnership Program year-round.  If you are interested in contributing to a current project by a PCV from Minnesota, follow this link: 

Then click on “Donate to Volunteer Projects.”  You will get a page with a form to fill out.  You can type in “Minnesota” after “State” and/or type in a Project Number.

Requests From/For Minnesota PCVs

From time to time,Minnesota PCVs send a request for fund to the MNRPCV Email Listserv outside of the time period of our annual grant program.   If you are interested in making a contribution, here are some of the recent messages received by MNRPCV: